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Bump To Baby Nutrition E-Course

Everything you need to know to nourish you and your baby through pregnancy and the postpartum period

Bump to Baby Nutrition E-Course 

Everything you need to know to nourish you and your baby through pregnancy and the postpartum period. 

You can watch the videos and read the supporting material anytime you like 24/7, the content is yours to keep forever. I decided to create this online e-course as there wasn’t a ‘one stop’ shop out there for nutrition advice about how to nourish you and your baby through the different stages of pregnancy and sacred postpartum period. Nutrition is such an empowering tool to ensure you feel great through pregnancy and your baby is given the best start in life to flourish.

 Who is this course right for? 

1. Are you confused in general about food when it comes to pregnancy and what clear advice on what would nourish and deplete you and your baby? 

2. You know you want to read up on stuff but the internet is too big and you haven’t got the time to search fact from fiction? 

3. You want to give you and your baby the healthiest start in life? 

What did other people say about the course? 

‘The Bump to Baby Nutrition course has been incredible. There's so much information regarding nutrition, specific health concerns, tips and tricks on how to have a smooth and healthy pregnancy, that is stress free. I feel so empowered having completed it and ready to bring this little baby into the world, giving it the absolute best start to life thanks to Rosie.’ El, 1st trimester

 ‘Rosie's E-course shares with you the nutritional information that you can't get from your midwife or gynaecologist. I wish I had done it before pregnancy, but I'm so glad to have done it now! I enjoyed it from start to finish; it's clearly structured, packed full of information but easy to digest thanks to Rosie's friendly delivery and downloadable PDFs. I have completed the course feeling motivated to optimise my health and with Rosie's help I actually feel capable of doing so. Thanks Rosie!’ Molly, 31 weeks pregnant.

 ‘Absolutely loved taking Rosie's course -in what can feel like a really intimidating time with so much to get right, I personally loved her very open-minded approach to the different trimesters. Having videos and info sheets for each section covered really took the stress out of having to work out what I needed at various stages. Very informative.’ Cat, 24 weeks Pregnant

 ‘I found this course extremely useful, particularly the trimester by trimester advice and the recipes. It has helped remind me of the simple changes I can make to eat nutritious, delicious food. I've tried a couple of recipes so far and they are delicious. I can't wait to try More!’ Anna, 24 weeks pregnant 

‘Rosie presents the information in a way that is easy to understand, but not patronising or ‘preachy’. I really liked her reassurance that the baby gets what it needs, but that it’s so important for us as mums to be nourished and not depleted.’ Jen, 21 weeks pregnant 

‘This course is a brilliant and cohesive bank of information that covers the whole pregnancy and postpartum period. Rosie provides a wealth of information, recipes and ideas that helped me feel informed and empowered around my pregnancy nutritional health.’ Rosie, 16 weeks pregnant 

‘A very useful, informative and easy to digest course, a great insight into your nutritional needs during pregnancy and with lots of manageable suggestions to make improvements to your diet which I found very helpful. The course is delivered in a very friendly and down to earth manor, and I definitely would recommend this course to improve your health and the health of the baby during pregnancy.’ Ruth, 30 weeks pregnant

 ‘Being pregnant you want the right material on nutrition that is specific to pregnancy and this was just the right course. Everything was so organised and easy to follow, Rosie has videos explaining each chapter in a clear and easy to follow manner with invaluable digestible information. I loved learning about what are the right supplements and foods to look out for and what role micronutrients play in pregnancy and general health. And just to make this even better, there are more than 30 recipes of a rich diversity of healthy meals. I would recommend this E-course to anyone pregnant, planning on getting pregnant or even just working with perinatal moms in any capacity. I loved this course.’ Nai, 27 weeks pregnant

 ‘This course was great - so much useful information and some definite take homes especially in terms of supplements over and above the standard prenatals! I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for ways to take care of themselves throughout pregnancy!’ Freyr, 12 weeks pregnant

 ‘This is a very useful and interesting course which I would highly recommend to anyone who is currently pregnant. I found it informative and reassuring. It is packed with information but delivered in a clear and easy to understand manner. You feel guided and supported with your nutritional health, throughout the different trimesters, and made aware of suitable supplements to take for optimal health benefits. The supporting notes and documents mean you have something to continually refer to throughout your pregnancy and postpartum’ Rebecca, 14 weeks pregnant

 ‘Really good course. Broken down into bite size chunks, it gives you a really good understanding of what is important in terms of nutrition throughout your pregnancy and then also goes through the trimesters one by one. The advice on supplements was really helpful and much more specific than you get from your midwife / doctor. The recipes gave you good examples of nutrient dense food that is simple to make and very yummy. Would highly recommend this course.’ Catherine, 15 weeks pregnant with twins 

  ‘Ecourse was great as it pulls together nutritional information you may already know plus loads more that is relevant to pregnancy & after, focusing attention to what your body & your baby needs and when depending on stage of pregnancy. I found it really helpful in giving contextual information in a realistic, non-judgemental way. Lots of useful tips to make small and easy changes to your diet that can make a large difference - who wouldn’t want the best for themselves and their baby? I found the sections focusing on gut health and the specific nutrients pregnancy requires particularly useful to guide me in the right direction. An invaluable source to refer back to as you move through your pregnancy!’ Rachel, 21 weeks pregnant

 ‘I found the course very interesting and informative. I learnt a lot and it gave me a good grounding in the essentials of nutrition. The extra material about natural beauty is really helpful. Thank you Rosie, I have enjoyed the course.’ Alex, 17 weeks pregnant

What's included?

17 Videos
21 PDFs